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Does anyone else think the fact that there have been absolutey no curses yet this month is weird? Usually by now we're turned into things or made to start smacking each other.

I don't like this. The City could be saving up for something.
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[Garrus is laying on a cheap recliner, and hasn't bothered to change from his sleepwear into his armor.]

I can't remember if I have anything I need to do today, but I think I'm just going to skip it today.

Maybe I'll just sit around, watch some TV. I hear some of these Christmas specials are pretty fun.
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I think I'll just stay home today. Or at least wear my helmet if I have to go out.

[Filtered to Police.]

I've also been thinking it over, and I was wondering if the Police Force has any openings.

[End Filter]
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Alright, between those creepy fliers and this, this has been turning out to be a very chilling month.

[He looks over both shoulders twice.]

Hopefully I'll live long enough to figure out what those bits of paper were all about. I've seen what those statue things do. Sort of.

I never realized how much I blink until now.
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[Garrus has been wandering aimlessly through the City for some time now.]

Dammit, where is it?

[He continues to look around, just as confused as ever.]

I know where it is, I go there several times a week. [Sigh.] Alright, I'll just head for the next stop and find the first one later.

[Pause.] Oh great, I can't remember that either.

[OOC: Garrus has forgotten his errands route.]
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[Garrus is lying in some alley somewhere, and it looks like he's in pain.]

Alright, I got away from my apartment... but I might start looking for... victims...

[A loud crack is heard and he unintentionally lowers the device. He's stripped himself of his armor and weapons and his carapace is covered in blue, glowing lesions.]

Listen, everybody, I don't have much time... just keep away from me.

[His cheek splits open and starts to glow blue. At that point, the video cuts out.]

[OOC: Garrus is a Husk, which is a sci-fi zombie enemy in the games. A turian husk looks something like this. And this. You kill them by shooting at them, but regular zombie rules can apply here. Action for anyone who wants it.]
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[Out on patrol, jumping from rooftop to rooftop is the mysterious figure known as Archangel. He's wearing a black armored outfit and a full helmet that covers his entire head. Yep, this is totally not the only turian in the city.

He spies a woman getting her purse snatched. Archangel is quick to jump down and deal with the thug using his awesome electric powers and return the lady's purse.]

Tell your friends about me.

[With that, he's gone again.]

[OOC: Garrus is a superhero for the weekend. His powers involve electricity. Blame inFamous.]
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I admit, I sort of like days like today. There's always a chance I'll see someone I know from back home, or who used to be here.

[ooc: Anything goes. Threadjacking encouraged.]
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[Garrus has most of his blue back, including his tattoos, armor, and eyepiece. Also, the big scar on his face has regained its reddish hue.]

This has been one hell of a week, but it looks like things might be getting back to normal. Well, except my Normandy model is still pink. Much as I dislike the Cerberus oolor scheme, hopefully that'll fade away.
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[The screen is focused on Garrus, for the most part, who is sleeping. There also appears to be a human-sized lump next to him in his bed. He rolls over and opens his eyes, seeing a stranger next to him.]


[Garrus jerks up, accidentally bringing the man up with him thanks to the handcuffs he doesn't realize they're wearing. Said man is now awake thanks to the noise and sudden movement.]

Who are you? How did you get in?

[Then he sees the handcuffs.]

Oh, I've heard of this curse. But that still doesn't get out of you explaining who you are.

[/Video ends]

[OOC: Garrus and Jack Harkness are attached for the weekend. Action for Jack, of course. Also, Jack-mun, would've written Jack some dialogue in but I was too afraid of getting him wrong. Only recently started watching Doctor Who again and haven't even touched Torchwood yet. ^^;; ]
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[Video opens to the man from a few months ago. The one with Garrus' tattoos and burn scar. He's currently sitting at a diner, with a plate of chocolate chip pancakes and bowel of assorted fruit.]

I gotta admit, this is one curse I don't mind so much.

[He takes the whipped cream on the table and sprays some on his pancakes.]

[OOC: Garrus is human for the weekend again.]
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[Garrus is surrounded by an army of Collectors and husks, all alone. His armor is in bad shape and his supply of medi-gel and heat clips are dwindling.

Then one of the Collectors utters those dreaded words.]


[Garrus' eyes widen as the Collector in question gets a power boost from Harbinger. He shoots it in the head with his sniper, but Harbinger just takes control of another Collector. No matter how hard Garrus fights, he is soon overwhelmed.]


[In the waking world, Garrus gasps as he wakes up, having fallen on the floor. He rubs a hand along his fringe the same way a human might rub their forhead.]

Oh man... what a night.

[ooc: We can assume his device was on while he slept and woke up. And yes, he did call Shepard's name out loud.]
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[Just a cop patrolling the streets. A turian cop at that.]

Everywhere I look, someone's breaking the law. Bribery, grand larceny... and sometimes it feels like I'm the only decent officer in this city.

[OOC: Garrus is a not-corrupt cop in the city that never sleeps. Feel free to come up to him for whatever reason. Report a crime, heckle him, team up with him, anything goes.]
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[Garrus enters his apartment, inspecting the thin layer of dust on his stuff. He gets out a cloth and begins to clean up, starting with his new model of the Normandy. After noticing the device is on, he picks it up and talks into it as he dusts.]

If anybody is wondering where I've been for the past week, well, I went home. Somehow.

It was nice to see Shepard and the others again, even for a little while.

[He pauses and gets a hard look in his eyes.]

Some of the things that happened back there... [Sigh

And he tries to go back to dusting, as if to push whatever happened out of his head. Turns off the device while he's at it.]

[OOC: Garrus is back and all caught up on canon.]
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Is it that time already? Maybe I'll have better luck this time.

Shepard, are you here? Mordin, Tali?

[OOC: Anything goes.]
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[Garrus is shooting an alien creature knawing on his leg right as the video feed starts. He's in a cave covered in coccoons and slime, a crystal attached to his hip. From the look of his armor, he's been having a very rough time.

The turian quickly replaces his heat clip in his rifle and shoots the remaining hostiles. He leans against the rock wall, panting. Only then does he notice the device is on.]

If anybody's seeing this, backup would be nice. But if I don't make it, please give me a soldier's funeral.

I have to go now. Those things are relentless and are just going to keep coming until I make it out.

And I thought husks were bad.

[Feed ends.]
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You know one thing I _____ about being human? _____. I could eat anything if it _____ like _____.

I wonder if there's a way to _____ it for dextros.
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[The video opens up with a man sitting at Garrus' desk. A man with familiar blue tattoos on his face and a burn scar on his cheek.]

Well, I'd say this is different.

[The voice pretty much confirms that this is indeed Garrus.]

It's funny, but there were a few times when I've wondered what it's like to be human. After the shock wore off, I just have to ask how humans can walk with these feet, no offense. Not to mention the lack of a carapace almost makes me feel naked.

[But not literally, because the curse was kind enough to give him human clothes.]

Seeing as how the only non-dextro foods I own are snacks for when I have guests, I might as well go out for breakfast.

[Video ends.]
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It looks like we're getting a lot of new people in town. If any of them are listening in, I just have a few words of advice: keep on your toes. This city can be unpredictable.

[OOC: Feel free to boss him around.]


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